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Gentille Umuhire

Gentille Umuhire is an emerging Rwandese traditional singer based in Toronto, whose captivating voice and deep-rooted passion for music have been making waves in the music industry. Hailing from a rich musical lineage, Gentille inherited her music career from her grandmother, the iconic traditional singer Kamaliza, who made a significant impact in the Rwandese music scene during the 1990s.
Inspired by her grandmother's legacy, Gentille has embarked on a mission to revive the energy and essence of traditional Rwandese music from the 90s, striving to keep it alive and relevant in the modern era. Her dedication to preserving and promoting Rwandese culture shines through her performances, infusing each song with a sense of heritage and identity.
Gentile's talent and commitment to her craft earned her a spot on the prestigious Prime Sunday Launch in Toronto, where she mesmerized audiences with her soulful renditions of traditional Rwandese songs. Her appearance on the show further solidified her status as a rising star in the
music scene, attracting attention not only from the Rwandese community but also from music enthusiasts across the globe.

Gentille Umuhire
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