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Hamad Alhenawi

Hamad Alhenawi is a visual artist whose mediums extend through painting and sculpture, explorers the intricate realms of portraiture, landscapes, and abstraction.

His artistic journey is adorned with numerous individual and group exhibitions, spanning a variety of global stages, enriched by participatory workshops that further the dialogue between artist and observer.

His work is deeply rooted in a personal philosophy shaped by an avid engagement with philosophy, literature, and theoretical physics. These disciplines guide his understanding and expression of human values—beauty, love, and peace—transcending conventional boundaries of religion, ethnicity, and geography. His aim is to echo the collective human endeavor towards higher values that have evolved across millennia.

The concept of unity within diversity significantly influences my art.

Alhenawi believes in the intrinsic connection of all life forms, advocating for a symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature. This perspective is crucial, particularly as it counters the discord witnessed in his homeland, Syria. The harsh realities of war have deeply impacted him, compelling his artistic expression towards themes that condemn violence and advocate for compassion and coexistence.

Through his art, he strives to foster a dialogue that encourages understanding and unity, leveraging the universal languages of beauty and emotion to bridge divides and inspire a shared commitment to a harmonious future.

Hamad Alhenawi
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