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Daniel Biocchi was born in 1955 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He moved with his family to Montreal, Quebec in 1962 where he grew up and lived until 1977 when he moved to Edmonton, Alberta to attend the University of Alberta. Except for some school boy excursions in art he did not possess any particular aptitude for the genre.  


In 2015 Dan was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour that required two surgical interventions. The first was four and a half hours long and the second eight and half hours. His recovery required months and was punctuated by sleep and rest. The surgeries were surgical insertions into the frontal lobe.  This had an adverse affect on Dan’s behaviour in so far as his ability to filter “inappropriate” verbal outbursts. It also seemed to have activated some latent artistic ability.


Art and painting thus went from being a passing fancy to a budding passion.