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Women´s Art Festival:

Immigrant, Refugee, and 


Friday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 4th, 2019

Saw Gallery (Arts Court)​

67 Nicholas St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7B9

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Kanadamo or Aaniimitaagize – One that speaks from the heart is my spirit name. It identifies who I am spiritually. I am strongly rooted by my ancestors. We are all connected.

Doreen Stevens

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Doreen Stevens is a local Algonquin artist from Kitiganzibi, Quebec . Her spirit name Anamitagize-Odaying "One who speaks with the heart." She is an actress, singer -songwriter, spoken word poet, and visual artist in her third at the Indigenous Theater school Toronto Ontario. She has been featured in various films and performances throughout Europe, Australia , and USA and Canada.

We all have a connection, a sound vibration, it becomes stronger when we become closer to our own spiritual realm. We weave our stories into it. It never breaks. When were with the creation, outside, we are outside of ourselves, in it, working for it, stretching it, weaving it, binding it, together. We all have ties, and we are all unique, so, when we call one another, or what we call one another identifies that uniqueness. Kaadamo or Anamitagize-Odaying is my spirit name. One who speaks from the heart. Creativity is a multi-layered connectivity of spiritual formation in motion. 

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