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About us

The Multicultural Artists Coalition (MAC-CAM) is a professional arts organization shaped by immigrant, refugee, Indigenous, Black, and POC artists and arts administrators. Through capacity-building workshops, art festivals, research, and advocacy, our programming targets systemic barriers to support our communities in achieving their goals with a larger impact, audience, scale, and visibility.

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About: About Us

Our Mandate

We believe that knowledge is the foundation for capacity. Thus, our programs aim to construct a long-term continuous process to empower our community by developing community assets, abilities, and capacities based on the principles of self-determination, self-management, and sustainability.

About: About Us

Core Principles

  • Self-determination

  • Self-management

  • Sustainability

  • Participation

  • Ownership

  • Agency

  • Bottom-up planning (Participatory Democracy)



●         Increase visibility and participation of newcomers and IBPOC artists in the Ottawa Cultural Sector by organizing festivals, exhibitions, and other public events.

●         Decolonize concepts, discipline, practices, and spaces of art. The "official" notion of art has been imposed by power-knowledge institutions, marginalizing cultural practices beyond the European and Euro-American cultures.

●         Invite the Ottawa, Ontarian, and Canadian art communities for cultural exchanges, fostering artistic collaborations between artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and Canadian-born artists.

●         Our research shows economic barriers as one of the main obstacles that inhibit our communities from achieving their professional goals. Thus, MAC-CAM works to connect to and create paid opportunities in local contexts for newcomers and IBPOC artists.

●         Build capacity for newcomers and IBPOC artists who are affected by diverse systemic barriers through workshops, professional development and information sessions.

About: Objectives

Internal governance:

  • Our board structure works on a volunteer basis.

  • Our decision-making process is entirely grass roots under the form of assemblies, and every single member of the Multicultural Artists´ Collective has agency in our decisions making processes.

  • There is no fee to become a MAC-CAM member.

  • The current board members are Joy Wei (Chair), Deena Alsaweer (Vice-Chair and Secretary), and Kerem Eker (Treasurer).

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