Our Mandate

We believe that knowledge is the foundation for capacity. Thus, our actions aim to construct a long-term continuous process to empower the immigrant and refugee artists´ community by developing community assets, abilities, and capacities.


Our Principles

Our actions are based on the following principles:

  • Self-determination

  • Self-management

  • Self-sustainability

  • Participation

  • Ownership

  • Agency

  • Bottom-up planning


Internal governance:

  • Our board structure works on a volunteer basis.

  • Our decision-making process is entirely grass roots under the form of assemblies, and every single member of Multicultural Artists´ Collective has agency in our decisions making processes.

  • There is no fee to be part of the collective; anybody who identifies as immigrant.

  • The current board members are:  Aymara Alvarado Sanchez, Carmel Whittle, Edgar R. Hernandez, Lili Hozack, and Alejandro Salgado Cendales.


About us

Who we are

We are a collective of immigrant/refugee artists coming from different disciplines, cultural backgrounds, gender/sex identities, age groups, incomes, nationhood, and nationalities living in Canada´s National Capital Region.


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