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The Multicultural Artists Coalition (MAC-CAM) is a non-profit grassroots organization shaped by immigrant, refugee, Indigenous, Black, and POC artists. Through capacity-building workshops, art festivals, research, and advocacy, our programming targets systemic barriers so that our communities can achieve their goals to a better capacity (larger impact, audience, scale, and visibility).


MAC-CAM is seeking nominations for our volunteer board of directors. We are looking for a diverse set of board members, to provide multiple perspectives as our mandate continues to evolve as the company grows. The Board provides leadership to the organization and is responsible for the following duties:


  • Supporting the mandate and purposes of the organization    

  • Strategic and organizational planning

  • Ensuring strong financial management

  • Read and understand the organization’s financial statements

  • Leverage connections, networks, and resources to support the mission set out by MAC-CAM

  • Prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in board meetings

  • Participate in committees as necessary to the functioning of the organization


Ideal candidate

In their application, candidates are invited to comment on their experience in arts and culture, non-profit governance, diversity and inclusion, communications, human resources, financial oversight, law, or fundraising. Past experience in the arts is not required.

As a member of the board of the Multicultural Artists’ Coalition, you will gain leadership and networking experience with a non-profit board.

Time Commitment

Board members generally have a 2-year term, but open to discussion on an as-needed basis.

Board members should expect quarterly meetings running to 1 - 2 hours per session.


Interested Candidates can submit their applications at the following link. (Apply Here)


The Multicultural Artists’ Coalition would like to bring new board members on at our May 2022 Annual General Meeting (date to be confirmed).




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