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Micheline Shoebridge

Micheline Shoebridge has worked in cultural industries for the past 25 years. Starting off in the world of arts education, Micheline managed the Canadian Screen Training Centre, an Ottawa-based film and television training organization for 6 years. She then spent the next fifteen years managing and producing documentaries, dramatic series, short films, music videos and commercials, in both English and French, sharing stories from Nunavut to Tajikistan. Micheline was part of the team that founded the internationally award-winning Awesome Arts Program in 2009, bringing it to the MASC umbrella from One World Arts in 2012. Micheline was also MASC’s Seniors Program Director for 7 years before joining forces with Wendy Hartley as Co-Executive Director from March 2019-June 2021 when Wendy retired. Micheline believes strongly in the power of art as a catalyst to bring people together and improve the communities we live in.

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