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Joy Wei
Joy Wei is an accomplished Ottawa-based lawyer and head of Lyceum Professional Corporation. She specializes in business and estate law, delivering exceptional legal services to numerous clients in their business establishment and operational matters.  Joy has a fervent passion for art law. In her endeavour to support the art community, she currently sits on the board of two prominent non-profit organizations—Artists’ Legal Services Ottawa (ALSO) and the Multicultural Artists Coalition (MAC-CAM). Joy's work with these organizations involves managing operations, speaking at informational sessions and workshops, and providing guidance on topics like business setup and estate planning for artists. Her unique blend of legal expertise and enthusiasm for art has established her as a unique presence at the crossroads of the legal and art communities.



Legal Topics an Artist Must Know to Run a Business

This workshop is tailor-made for artists stepping into the business world. We'll dive deep into essential legal topics, including choosing the right business structure, protecting your work with intellectual property laws, understanding contracts, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, navigating tax laws, and adhering to employment laws when hiring. Don’t worry about the legalise as we will provide cases and stories to help you understand. Join us and take the first step towards turning your creative passion into a successful business!"

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