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Ariadni Athanassiadis
Ariadni Athanassiadis loves to creatively empower others. Through her company, Kyma Professional Corporation (, she designs legal solutions with clients that align with the context and objectives of their work. On aspect of her practice centers around advising creatives, entrepreneurs and other professionals about developing their intellectual property and drafting contracts relating to their creative endeavours. Another aspect of her practice is devoted to legal coaching, mediation and facilitation services to help clients use legal insights as part of a relationship-centered approach to fostering collaborations, generative business relationships and resolving disagreements. To keep her work real and relevant for her clients, Ariadni volunteers her time to various not-for-profit initiatives, hosts unique
I AM CREATRIXTM meet ups and delivers A.R.T. OF LAWTM training sessions.


Contract Artistry – Asking Questions and Valuing Contributions


This workshop embraces the reality that better outcomes are achieved when agreements are designed by parties who take the time to get clear on the purpose and fair exchange at the heart of a business relationship, be it with a service provider, collaborator, distributor, retailer, or customer.  Participants will be presented with various business contexts commonly encountered by creative professionals to reveal how intellectual property rights (e.g. copyrights) can be considered in informal and formal agreements intended to support creative work and livelihoods. The approach will be experiential and interactive with a focus on learning what questions to ask to define key agreement terms, and how to create space for parties to evolve in a business relationship while consistently valuing the creative contributions made in the relationship.

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