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J Morris aka Ya Favourite Lightskin has enough energy to power a fleet of hybrid cars, enough soul to raise a church roof, and enough music in his blood to contaminate the average man. Born in Canada’s Capital, the son of a hard working mother, and a well known Reggae singer Ras lee as his father, it is
no wonder why J Morris has music pumping through his veins. Aside from his own musical endeavours,
in 2004 he co-produced Ottawa’s first Hip Hop DVD series, “Hold it Down” as well as “Cap City” in 2009. If that’s not enough he also hosted The Wordlife Show on CKCU 93.1 FM, The B.R.L Show on CHUO 89.1 FM, where he received an award for Local Talent Development in 2009, and Bring Ya Eh Game on CIUT
89.5 FM.
J Morris is also the founder of The Annual Hip Hop Food Drive, the host of Bar Code an online series where artists come to display their skills and he is also the music director and co-founder of Cranium Arts Project.
Like every verse he writes and every chorus he perfects, everything he does comes together so seamlessly. J Morris will certainly keep cultivating his gift for taking a beat and putting just the right
touch on it, and whittling a track down to its purest form without breaking a sweat, while still giving others a platform to stand on. This is just the beginning!
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