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01/30/2024  Deadline

Art+ Series Open Call

The ART+ Series is a program that will include 20 artists in 2 showcases at Arts Court, Ottawa.

The ART+ Series will showcase and celebrate equity, diversity, inclusion and pluralism (EDIP) in the arts, including local artists from all Western and non-Western art disciplines. It serves as a platform to bridge the gap between the established Ottawa Cultural Sector and marginalized communities, creating paid opportunities for artists belonging to equity-seeking groups (ESG) to participate and elevate their voices.  


MAC-CAM programs are inclusive and safe spaces open to artists and cultural workers interested in learning and exchanging ideas. MAC-CAM's mandate prioritizes immigrant, refugee, Indigenous, Black, and racialized artists. 

Criteria of eligibility

  • Artist living in the National Capital Region (please note that travel expenses and per-diem are the artist's responsibility)

  • Although all artists are welcome to apply, please note that we will give priority to artists belonging to Equity Seeking Groups. 

  • Professional artists.

  • 2021 and 2022 ART+ participants are ineligible to apply.

Criteria of assessment

  • Artistic Merit (at MAC-CAM we equally value diverse cultural expression. Our assessment criteria use decolonial frameworks to deconstruct the Western aesthetic ideology)

  • We will balance discipline representation

  • We will balance geographic representation

  • We will balance Equity Seeking Groups' representation

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