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Art+ Exhibition:
Discontinuous, Heterogeneous, and Pluriversal

Discontinuous, Heterogeneous, and Pluriversal is a visual arts exhibition curated by Alejandro Salgado Cendales and organized by the Multicultural Artists' Coalition (MAC-CAM) that invites the viewer to reflect on contemporary social, political and cultural issues through the prism of immigrant and first-generation-Canadian artists.

Dates: Sep 8 - Oct 3, 2023

Where: Lalande + Doyle, Shenkman Art Centre (245 Centrum Blvd, Orléans, ON K1E 0A1)


Vernissage: September 8, 6-8pm

Photo by: Julie Oliver /Postmedia

Sarah-Mecca Abdourahman

Sarah-Mecca Abdourahman is a graduate of Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2020). Her work has been featured in CBC Arts Documentary Series: Exhibitionists (2020). She has previously exhibited at the Ottawa Art Gallery (2021), Institut National Art Contemporain (2022), Gallery 101 (2022), Digital Art Resource Centre (2022), Rubenstein Arts Center at Duke University (2022). She has designed murals for the Vanier Community Service Centre and Lansdowne & the Glebe Park (2020-2021). She has also led creative workshops with Ottawa Art Gallery and Somerset West Community Health Centre (2021-2022).

Sarah-Mecca Abourahman is a Somali-Indian multidisciplinary artist. Her art practice involves painting and video art. Abdourahman’s work is inspired by her heritage as she explores themes of identity, family, and land occupation. Abdourahman’s work takes on a decolonial approach, using her practice to reconnect with her homeland from a first-generation Canadian perspective. She informs her art practice through the tradition of oral storytelling, shining light on impactful moments in her familial and community’s history. Her paintings are often oil-based with the inclusion of collages. Drawing from her graphic design background, her creative process begins with applying digital collages to images from family photo albums. Abdourahman’s use of collage and colour addresses an aspect of memory and nostalgia throughout her storytelling. Her video work takes on an abstract and playful approach. In contrast, these narratives investigate social disadvantages and marginalization using animated montages resembling dystopian environments; these complex animations operate as metaphorical reflections of present realities.

Iryna Merkulova`

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Iryna Merkulova is currently living and working in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (represented by Sivarulrasa Gallery in Ontario). She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (With Distinction) in 2021 at Concordia University, Montreal. Merkulova’s art practices are mainly focused on painting and drawing, while occasionally, she creates mix-media artworks and videos. She participated in numerous group exhibitions. In 2022 Merkulova received Research and Creation Grant from Canada Council for the Arts.


My work reflects the social, political, and natural processes in our contemporary world captured through the prism of a woman’s mind. Through my paintings of seemingly ordinary, everyday objects, I wish to investigate deeper issues related to the place of women in society, communal urban living, consumerism, and sustainability. I often use personal memories as the entry point into my visual narratives. In this way, my work straddles the personal as well as the interpersonal, creating an open space that challenges and comforts the viewer through distant togetherness.

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