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Art+ Workshop:
Estate Planning for Artists

The Multicultural Artists Coalition (MAC-CAM) invites local artists to participate in our first workshop of the ART+ 2023 program. 

When: Thursday, January 26, 2023
Time: 4:30-6PM
Where: Nepean Centrepointe Library (101 Centrepointe Dr, K2G 0B5)

Tickets: free (Registration required) 




When an artist dies without a will, his/her assets, including the artwork, will be distributed amongst the primary family members pursuant to provincial law. Unfortunately, many beneficiaries do not know what to do about the artwork they inherited. Therefore, if you have specific wishes for the disposition of your artwork or art business, you need to make a will. It is not only about the monetary value of the artwork but about how you want to be remembered by society. During this workshop, we will discuss the key factors that should be taken into consideration for your will.

Speaker’s Bio

Joy (Zhi Mo) Wei is one of the directors of MAC-CAM.  As a lawyer, she practices Canadian immigration law and estate law. Joy has been working intimately with artists to help them with immigration, business, and estate planning matters. She speaks and writes regularly about legal issues surrounding artists and their creative activities. Joy has law degrees in Canada (JD), UK (LLM), and China (LLB). Joy is also an artist—she practices oriental calligraphy on silk and rice paper.

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