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A music lover, Liautaud H Philogène, aka Kingh509, has been writing songs since the age of nine. Over the years, he continues to write texts. The click would come in 2011, at university, at a time when Kingh509 felt he had acquired a certain maturity. “From 2011, at university, I was going to have more artistic resources. In Ottawa, I had joined a Haitian club which had given me the possibility of having at least two or three performances on stage per year,” he said.

This Haitian club which had propelled him to the front of the stage was for him a great opportunity which had helped him to recognize his talent for music, theater and dance, he said.

After having benefited from this great opportunity in this Haitian club in Ottawa and exposing his talent to the general public, Kingh509 would finally decide to launch his career as an artist in May 2017. In October of that same year, he released an EP in the sole purpose of testing the musical market and unveiling its talent to music lovers.

Fatherless, Kingh509 has made music a therapy since the death of his dad. With his pen, he expresses his pain and the pain of others, his satisfaction, his reality and so many others. "When I get up in the morning and drink tea while I write, it calms me down, I feel joy," he said.

Eventually, Kingh509 decided to make a great career in this field and chose the Trap Konpa and Afro beat trend. To date, he contains in his repertoire two Extended Plays commonly called EPs, a solo album and featurings. In the space of five years, the urban rapper has deposited his voice on around thirty pieces of music.

“Millions” His new TrapKompa with a female Senegalese artist, Gvmou, is now available on every streamings platforms:

Kingh509 started his career as a rapper with his first EP. Subsequently, he embraced the Trap Kompa which for him is  a success and decided to continue on this momentum. “I ended up realizing with each Trap Kompa or Afro beat piece that I unveiled, I have a little added value”, he estimated. Kingh509 is influenced by Drake, Kalash, Baky and is an admirer of Trap Konpa, Afro beat. However, the artist hasn't ruled out doing some hard-hitting Hip-Hop in case someone invites him on a beat.

Note that Liautaud H Philogène (AKA Kingh509) is also a community agent. Outside of music, he works professionally in this field and holds a bachelor's degree in social sciences with a minor in sociology.

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