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David Finkle has been called a 'Renaissance man'. Hailing from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in southern Ontario, he is an award-winning multi-instrumental recording artist versed in many musical genres. He's a sound engineer, traditional knowledge keeper, storyteller, drum maker, producer & has completed scores for many various theatrical productions, documentaries & full length features.

David's music ranges from traditional melodies unchanged for thousands of complete live improvisation and often crafts his own traditionally made instruments himself.

For the past 30 years he's performed notable concerts & festivals with prominent world musicians nationally as well as internationally in areas such as North/South/Central America, the Caribbean, the high Arctic, Europe & Africa. Found on gold albums & having won numerous awards, his musicianship is both instinctual as well as dogmatic, involving a deceptively deep understanding of music theory but without allowing it to stifle heartfelt compositions. Within this presentation/performance, David will lead folks on a musical journey through time, concentrating on acoustic traditionally made indigenous instruments. He will also demonstrate from an indigenous perspective, things ranging from the physical construction of traditionally handmade instruments to their philosophical & social use within day-to-day life & ceremony. Historical context will be provided and traditional indigenous myths and legends will also be shared.

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