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Luciano Lu

I am Luciano Lu, a Brazilian-born, Canadian-made multi-instrumentalist songwriter.

I have been involved in music making and music education for over 25 years. During this time I explored wind, string, keyboard and percussion instruments, as well as traditional instruments and styles from around the world and through the ages - from western and world classical to modern experimental, and many in-betweens.

From 2001 to 2016 I immersed myself in traditional percussion practice and performance, focusing on Brazilian roots styles of samba, maracatu, afoxé, coco and forró. During this time I was an active percussionist in several Brazilian drumming ensembles based in Toronto touring nationally and internationally. Simultaneously, I also led band projects that performed my own arrangements and compositions.

All the rich experiences accumulated from these years of music-making have been carefully distilled into my independently released 2021 album “CONFLUENS”. Packed with exotic cultural excitement, this album represents the confluence of different styles of musical sources merging to reveal fresh new textures and sonorous vibrations - a melting pot of an album warmly seasoned by cultural fusion.

Luciano Lu
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