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Ras Turbz

RAS TURBZ- Also known as Turbz is a Reggae -Danchehall artiste of Barbadian descent. At the young age of 16, he discovered the art of chanting ( singing in his dialect) from being around his deejay friends. At the time it was more of a jumble and toying with words and cadences, but within that is where he found his passion for music.  

Years into the future he would immigrate to the nation's Capital. Where he would attempt to gain 

traction in his personal life. After coming in contact with well-known artists in Ottawa and having the struggle of finding his song. He tried his hands with many industry members in the recording and music production community. In 2014, he met an award-winning producer, with which started creating projects along with some big influences in the Reggae community,  thus cementing himself and his unique music. 

Since then Ras Turbz his 2019 hit “RUSTY GLOCK “has gone on to create many bodies of work that are available for consumption by peers and fans alike with hopes to one day delivering an album. 

Ras Turbz
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